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Long-Term Care

NMS’s goal is to improve the quality of life for residents in Long Term Care Facilities as well as for clients of all ages in their homes and the community.  NMS can assist by providing you operational tools to develop and maintain a cost effective, quality nutritional program in compliance with Ministry standards.


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Total Management

NMS provides the onsite management staff to direct your food service department, guided by your philosophy.  We can deliver a complete consulting program, total purchasing program, trained management staff, Regional Director coverage, pay all food service invoices and provide one monthly financial statement.

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Twelve Point Program

Our Twelve Point Program takes a systematic approach to upgrade areas of concern. Each month one topic is identified and concrete, specific goals are planned and achieved. Each accomplishment moves the department one step further in its search for excellence.

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NMS works with your department head to cover budgets, communication, inservice, sanitation, accreditation, menu development, standardized recipes, production methods, meal service, meal presentation, staffing, scheduling, purchasing, nutrition, equipment, quality assurance, department evaluation and diversified revenue.

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NMS works with your department head by professionally monitoring a cost effective purchasing program. Supplier analysis, listings, order / delivery schedules, volume pricing, competitive quotes, order forms, monthly grocery tenders, yearly supply contracts, inventory control and one monthly payable are components of our purchasing program.

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NMS can deliver over 200 inservices to compliment your education programs for Dietary and Nursing staff. We are constantly developing new material for best practices and standards in long term care to enhance resident satisfaction, resident care and facility efficiency.

Our Modules contain multiple inservices. We would be pleased to provide you with a full list of inservices in the categories listed below:

1. Meal Service

2. Production

3. Therapeutics

4. Health & Safety

5. Sanitation

6. Standards of Conduct

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Staff Training

In accordance to MOHLTC Standards, NMS can provide qualified instructors to coach your dietary staff through the mandated Food Service Workers course at your facility.

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Menu Modules©

Menu Modules© is an NMS software program with over 1000 interchangeable menu modules. Our in house co-ordinator designs menus with well balanced meals that meet MOHLTC standards. Menu Modules© produces Week at a Glance Menus, Therapeutic Diet Sheets, Recipes, Production Sheets, Nutritional Analysis and CFG Analysis.

Please click on the links below to see sample reports.

Week at a Glance Example

Therapeutic Spreadsheet Example

Nutrient Analysis Example

Canada Food Guide Analysis Example


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NutriBase© manages Resident Therapeutic Information. NutriBase© documents residents profiles, nutritional risk assessments, prompts quarterly assessments, weight change reports, table cards, production tallies, snack lists and food-medication interactions, saving the Registered Dietitian and Food Service Supervisor significant time. Servery monitors display up to the second RD approved therapeutic information.

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Registered Dietitian Services

This section is under construction.

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