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Secondary Schools

Nutritional Management Services has provided foodservices in Secondary Schools since 1985 throughout Southwestern Ontario. We  provide a number of initiatives to encourage healthy choices in our cafeterias.

Fuel For Success

Follow this link to see the progressive changes we've made in eliminating poor choices, and providing nutritious choices, for the students of today.

Trans Fat Free

All our cafeterias are trans fat free. We use trans fat free oil in all our cooking and our purchasing department reviews all items prior to being offered for sale.

Nutrition Notes

A special initiative is our Nutrition Notes. These are monthly flyers and  pamphlets that explore timely topics for today's teens. The notes are displayed in a highly visable area and ensure  that accurate information is available.


This provides a meal choice which, when purchased with a milk, contains all four food groups. The students can easily identify this choice as it is clearly identified on the menu. All menus, advertising and promotions are reviewed by the NMS healthy eating committee to ensure Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating is followed.

Multi-Grain Breads

A selection of multi-grain breads are used to make nutritious sandwiches fresh daily. The use of low fat Pillers deli meats make these selections especially attractive.










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