Key to successful learning is a healthy meal program.  Our Fuel for Success Program offers fresh, healthy and delicious meals to students of all age groups.  This program also provides full-service marketing and education programs within schools to help encourage students to eat a balanced diet both in the school and outside.


Nutritional Management Services not only complies with PPM 150 Nutrition Standards for Ontario, we exceed requirements with our NutriMeal. The NutriMeal is the main hot meal of the day, and is our best sellerThe NutriMeal is made from scratch with fresh ingredients daily and is automatically accompanied by a salad or veggies & dip, thereby increasing students’ consumption of vegetables daily. The NutriMeal, when purchased with milk, contains all four food groups in Canada’s Food Guide.

  Fuel for Success Marketing Program

NMS’ goal with Fuel for Success is to educate students about healthy eating choices and to promote eating in the cafeteria instead of fast food establishments. Our Fuel for Success Marketing Program posters provide a daily reminder of how to eat healthy all day long.  Our Fuel for Success Program also includes Nutrition Quizes which promote healthy choices and the knowledge behind why we need to choose healthy options more often. NMS is also able to make a presentation in the classroom setting on nutrition and healthy eating.

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