Technology with a personal approach



NutriBase© manages Resident Diet Orders to ensure accuracy during meal service. A significant time savings is realized for the Registered Dietitian and Food Service Manager, as all diets are updated electronically in real-time. NutriBase© was developed locally in London, Ontario.

  Menu Modules©

Menu Modules© is a time saving and well accepted tool in the food service industry. Clients appreciate the data entry service provided by NMS. Switching seasonal menus takes seconds – only a few computer clicks away. Food service managers have more time to work on quality assurance audits and special management projects. Contact us today for a demonstration.

  Going Digital in the Dining Room

Menus are communicated to residents and family digitally in the dining rooms. Menu changes are instantly updated and records of menu changes are automatically filed electronically. Special events in the facility can be advertised on the screens. In the kitchen, recipes, production sheets and daily communication becomes digital and available at the touch of a finger.

  NMS provides a comprehensive on-site training program for all staff and audits the effectiveness of your program.

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