Total Management

NMS provides on-site management staff to guide your foodservice department, while adhering to your facility’s unique philosophy and policies.  NMS can deliver a complete operational program including purchasing , Regional Manager coverages , pay all foodservice invoices and provide one monthly financial statement. A worry free program for any facility.






Consulting - Twelve Point Program

Our Twelve Point Program takes a systematic approach to address areas of concern in your foodservice department. Each month, one topic is identified and concrete specific goals are planned and achieved. Each accomplishment moves the department one step further in its search for excellence.

12 Point







NMS works with your department head to monitor a cost-effective purchasing program. We provide:

  • Monthly food product Order Guides tailored to your facility and menu
  • Order/delivery schedules
  • Price Comparisons to shop for the lowest price on the same product.
  • Volume pricing
  • Lowest price is only part of the solution. Purchasing the correct size and product to minimize waste and optimize labour is expertise which NMS provides.
  • Invoiced price monitoring and follow-up with suppliers on your behalf
  • Only one bill per month instead of multiple bills which need to be processed
  • Freedom to purchase from local suppliers, reducing impact on the environment and supporting local economy
  • Products are evaluated for their nutritional value. Every effort is made to use products that are trans-fat free and low in saturated fat, sodium, and added sugars.
  • Products are recommended to suit your menu and production methods.






Menu Planning

Careful menu planning involves consideration of colour, taste, texture, resident preferences, nutrition and production. NMS has partnered with Brescia University College, in association with Western University to study nutrition and health in Long Term Care residents. Research results help guide NMS’ menu planning process, targeting key nutrients which may be otherwise lacking.






Inservices & Staff Training

NMS can deliver over 200 Dietary inservices to compliment your Ministry mandated education program. We are continually developing new material for best practices and standards in Long Term Care to enhance resident satisfaction, resident care and facility efficiency. Topics such as pleasurable dining, production efficiencies, menu planning, diet requirements, nourishment and supplement protocols and quality assurance are covered. Qualified instructors coach your dietary staff and tailor each inservice to meet the needs of your facility.

Inservices & Staff Training






Other Services: